Ways You May Benefit by Working with Us

You’re busy, we understand that. Your personal and professional life will occupy most of your time, but you cannot ignore your financial life. We’ll do this together by taking a detailed inventory of your resources and goals. You’ll get a clear picture of where you are and what you need to do in order to help you achieve your desired outcomes. We will help to provide you with answers to your questions and provide educational information to help empower you to take control of your financial strategies. Together, we will show you the confidence level your plan has to completion and the effects that changes will have on this confidence level.

You'll receive a customized plan that will place you on the proper track to helping to achieve your financial goals That’s just the beginning of your journey. Your plan is reviewed and revised through a series of scheduled meetings to help ensure you have the ability to adapt to changing economic conditions. Decisions on portfolio risk, Social Security timing, retirement dates and estate planning are just a few challenges we’ll overcome together. You’ll enjoy access to a team of professionals that work together and coordinate all aspects of your plan.

The RK Wealth Experience 

As an independent brokerage, our responsibility is to our clients, not any company. We help you recognize potential risks that you may face in retirement.Our action plan will help with these potential risks. Our comprehensive approach takes into account your retirement income sources, including pension, Social Security, and other sources of guaranteed lifetime income. As we work together, we will show you the probability of success your investment choices have on the completion of your plan. As life and investment returns change, we help you make the appropriate adjustments, as we work to give you the highest probability of success based on our planning process.

We focus on partnering with Business Owners, Professionals, Pre-Retirees and those in retirement. Our clients appreciate quality education and proper planning. Helping you grow your wealth is one thing, turning it into income the right way is another - we’ll be there to walk you to and through your retirement.