Why RK Wealth Management Exists

We believe that human emotions often cloud the judgment necessary to make positive, life changing decisions. When faced with multiple options outside of your comfort zone and level of skill or experience, objective analysis and action will become increasingly difficult. RK Wealth Management exists to empower our clients to take action through education and increased awareness.

Our multistep planning process creates clarity, allowing our clients to confidently take the next steps towards their goals and objectives. Working together, we seek to simplify overwhelming and complex decisions, allowing us to create an executable action plan to help reach their desired retirement lifestyle.

A Well-Established Experienced Firm

RK Wealth Management has been serving the Business Owners and hard working Families of the Central Midwest by providing quality education, wealth planning and ongoing service. We see the need to protect incomes, livelihoods, retirement dreams and leave a legacy. Our organization helps Families, Businesses Owners and their Businesses navigate the complexities of financial strategies.

Our decades of experience and process have allowed our clients to prosper, not just survive. Our valued clients have flourished through extreme economic challenges and have been successful in good and uncertain markets.